MARIA POPOVA – call me smitten!

And blessings on Krista Tippett for introducing me to this extraordinary woman, who has been "cartographer of meaning in a Digital Age" since her TEENS! Related links (a carefully selected few among MANY): ; ;


Original sin & USA conservatism

Big surprise to me - conservatism is historically considered rooted in the Biblical concept of original sin, something I discovered listening to E. J. Dionne & David Brooks debate (moderated by Krista Tippett)  the legacy of Reinhold Niebuhr & the future of Christian Realism.  Great listen AND read!

In its beginning – BADASS GRANDMA

BADASS GRANDMA is begun! OPENING:   My mother & father were among the most devoted, loving, mutually supportive couples on the face of the earth - and among the worst parents in the universe. When it came to their kids, neither of them, to their dying days, 28 years apart, understood the difference between "want … Continue reading In its beginning – BADASS GRANDMA